The IEEE Guide to the Internet of Things (IoT) Program

This IoT Program is comprised of 8 self-paced, online courses designed to get an organization’s technical staff up-to-speed on the latest developments in the Internet of Things, and begin preparing to integrate Internet of Things technology into an organization’s operations.

This course program is designed for professionals across all industries with a background in electrical engineering or computer science, along with the executives who manage them. It is ideally suited for organizations who want to leverage the Internet of Things to address business challenges such as cybersecurity, system architecture, software development, and data management, and need a thorough foundation in the topic. It is also suitable for managers and other professionals interested in the foundational ideas of the Internet of Things, in order to understand the challenges and opportunities of this technology.

Courses Included in The IEEE Guide to the Internet of Things
  • What is the Internet of Things
  • IoT Software: Fundamental Concepts and State of the Art
  • Exploring IoT Industry Applications: The Evolution of Internet of Things for Healthcare
  • Exploring IoT Industry Applications: Limitations of Wireless Technology on Healthcare IoT
  • Exploring IoT Industry Applications: Paving the Way for Future IoT Applications in Healthcare
  • The Emerging Paradigm of the Social Internet of Things
  • Social Internet of Things: Existing Platforms
  • Social Internet of Things: Reference Architecture and Use Cases

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