Cloud Computing Course Program

This program comprises 37 self-paced, online courses that focus on various aspects of cloud computing technologies.

Content covers cloud computing technology including overviews, benefits and challenges, compliance and privacy, security, design, architecture, construction, use cases, automation, access control, storage management, and deployment.

Ideal for technical professionals at organizations working in technologies based in cloud computing, as well as academic students studying computer science.

Courses included in the program:

Cloud Computing Baseline
  • Cloud Computing I: An Introduction
  • Cloud Computing Part 2
  • Cloud Computing Part 3
  • Cloud Computing Definition, Reference Architecture, and General Use Cases
  • Cloud Service and Deployment Models

Cloud Architecture and Cloud Platforms

  • Cloud Management Software/Platforms: OpenStack
  • Cloud Services and Software Platforms: OpenNebula
  • Major Commercial and Research Cloud Service Providers
  • Cloud Construction

Cloud Deployment and Solutions

  • Cloud Computing Enabling Technologies
  • Cloud Standardization and Component Technology Overview
  • Cloud Powered Services Design
  • Cloud Deployment Automation Tools
  • Cloud Based Solutions for Big Data

Cloud Security

  • Cloud Computing Global Impact and Compliance
  • Cloud Security and Data Protection
  • Cloud Compliance and Privacy Protection
  • Cloud Data Center Network Construction

Cloud Interoperability (and Future Cloudscape)

  • Future Cloudscape
  • IEEE Intercloud Interoperability and Federation Framework
  • Cloud Benefits and Challenges
  • Cloud Federation and Federated Access Control

Infrastructure as a Service

  • Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Architecture
  • Storage Virtualization in Cloud IaaS Storage Types
  • Network Virtualization in Cloud IaaS

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