Engineers and other technical professionals today have to communicate effectively with their counterparts across the globe, and English is widely considered the primary language used for this communication.

For both working professionals and students, English language fluency is essential.

IEEE English for Technical Professionals is an 18-hour online learning program designed to help non-native English speakers to hone their English techniques and vocabulary specifically to excel in real-world technical workplace situations. Designed to help learners master essential English skills, this program is ideal for both working professionals, as well as students that are preparing to enter the field.

This course program is best suited for individuals who have acquired a high level of fluency through their work experience or have achieved a notable score on a standardized proficiency test, such as obtaining a score of 95 on the TOEFL iBT or achieving Band 7 on the IELTS.

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Who can benefit from the program?

Working technical professionals, graduates entering the workforce, students studying technical concepts at the university level, Ph.D. students, research scholars, or any individual who wants to improve their ability to communicate effectively in English and write technical papers.

English for Technical Professionals Course Program

  • Working with business and company documents
  • Understanding engineering concepts and complexity
  • Using white papers
  • Making recommendations
  • Interpreting data
  • Ethical persuasion for technical projects
  • Reading proposals and calls for proposals
  • Working with unfamiliar technical terms and details
  • Strengthening written positions based on technical literature

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