This program comprises eight self-paced, online courses designed to assist businesses understand the weak points in their cyber security. It is ideal for technical professionals across all industries who support their company's IT departments and require up-to-date information on this threat.

These courses are intended for mid/advanced career professionals in IT, computer science, and related fields, and also C-Suite executives who need working knowledge of ethical hacking to support employees that do, and need to be aware of the latest issues and trends in this hot topic.

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Courses Included in the Program:

  • What is the Internet of Things
  • IoT Software: Fundamental Concepts and State of the Art
  • Exploring IoT Industry Applications: The Evolution of Internet of Things for Healthcare
  • Exploring IoT Industry Applications: Limitations of Wireless Technology on Healthcare IoT
  • Exploring IoT Industry Applications: Paving the Way for Future IoT Applications in Healthcare
  • The Emerging Paradigm of the Social Internet of Things
  • Social Internet of Things: Existing Platforms
  • Social Internet of Things: Reference Architecture and Use Cases

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