Invest in your team's career development and get the training needed to stay abreast of vital topics in wireless communications with this exclusive course. The IEEE Intensive Wireless Communications course series provides the in-depth training your team needs.

Upon completion of this course, learners will have an understanding of:

  • Concepts of wireless system architecture, modulation and data rate limits
  • Routing of internet data packets, the constituents of the packet header, IP addresses and the differences between IP versions IPv4 and IPv6
  • The differences between types of telecommunication industry documentation and how they influence characteristics and quality of products and services
  • Wi-Fi network architecture and the evolution of device and system capabilities through specification amendments; Wi-Fi Security
  • Integration of devices in the Internet of Things and more! 
Flexible options are available to help train multiple engineers on your team. During the live course sessions, learners can connect with industry expert instructors to get answers to their questions in real time. The course series consists of four courses with a total of 21 hours of live, virtual training.

2024 Virtual Course Dates:

March- April 2024 Session

Fundamentals of Wireless Communication: 6-7 March

Network and Service Architecture: 13-14 March

Cellular Networks: 3-4 April

Non-cellular Wireless Systems: 10 April

September-October 2024 Session

Fundamentals of Wireless Communication: 11-12 September

Network and Service Architecture: 18-19 September

Cellular Networks: 2-3 October

Non-cellular Wireless Systems: 9 October

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Courses Included in the Program:

  • Fundamentals of Wireless Communication
  • Network and Service Architecture
  • Cellular Networks
  • Non-cellular Wireless Systems

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