Mars Space Colony: A Game of Standardization is crafted by experts with 20+ years’ experience in the high-stakes, real-world technical standards development.

  • Unique team-building experience: Through role-play, participants practice negotiation, consensus-building and have fun working through the standards development process.
  • Technical background not required: Players are assigned roles commonly found in standards working groups that reflect the economic, political, and technical realities of standards development.
  • Meets many ABET Criteria: Includes topics like the importance of standards to industry, fundamentals of standards development, and two case studies on standards, which is ideal for academic institutions seeking ABET engineering accreditation.

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Courses Included in the Program:

This comprehensive experience includes:

  • Two videos explain standards development and how to participate throughout the experience.
  • Detailed role descriptions for participants.
  • Set up instructions for creating effective Working Groups.
  • Downloadable game cards to use during the game to facilitate participant negotiation and good role play behavior (and some cards to create surprises–just like real life).
  • Plus, organizers can speak with an IEEE expert for support and ideas before and after gameplay.

Lead the experience yourself, or use an IEEE expert facilitator.

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