2017 National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®)

Enforcement of these rules became effective 1 February 2017
Produced exclusively by IEEE, the NESC specifies best practices for the safety of electric supply and communication utility systems at both public and private utilities. The NESC sets the ground rules for practical safeguarding of persons during the installation, operation, or maintenance of power, telephone, cable TV, and railroad signal systems. The NESC is revised every 5 years to keep the code up to date and viable.

The NESC Code covers basic provisions for safeguarding of persons from hazards arising from the installation, operation, or maintenance of conductors and equipment. It also includes work rules for the construction, maintenance, and operation of electric supply and communication lines and equipment. The standard is applicable to the systems and equipment operated by utilities, or similar systems and equipment, of an industrial establishment or complex under the control of qualified persons.

The NESC Handbook represents a next-generation tool for the professional who needs to understand the NESC. The handbook was developed for use at many levels in the electric and communication industries, including those involved in system design, construction, maintenance, inspection, standards development and worker training. This step-by-step guide explains how to apply and meet the NESC rules for electrical supply stations and equipment, as well as overhead and underground electric supply and communications lines. Unlike earlier handbooks, this new edition includes the code itself interspersed throughout the handbook, with interpretations and background information corresponding to the actual portions of code being discussed and highlighted.

Handbook also now available in Chinese and with Spanish commentary.

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