Practical Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Business and Society Program is a five-course program that features how trending technologies including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality use the immense amount of data generated to help drive and support industry through the technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It also provides practical perspectives and examples on how various intelligent and immersive realities are utilized and applied in the real world today with an outlook to the future.

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Courses Included in the Program:

  • The Case of Future Networks in 5G, 6G, and beyond
  • The Case of Smart Cities
  • The Case of Smart Factories
  • The Case of Smart Agrofood Systems
  • The Case of Gaming

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23 Jan 2019


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17 Jan 2019


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5 Dec 2019

Author 1
Frede Blaabjerg


Harmonic Stability in Power Electronic Based Power Systems: Concept, Modeling, and Analysis

Author 2
Irith Pomeranz


Extra Clocking of LFSR Seeds for Improved Path Delay Fault Coverage